We provide part time and Full time Safety Officers/Safety Coordinators/ ECO/FSM. We have a big pool of experienced and well qualified Safety Officers/ Safety Coordinators/ ECO/ FSM.

They can be employed on part time or full time basis at a nominal cost. No hassle of paying CPF, no need to bring them under your company permanent employment and other benefits as mentioned below.

The monthly fees paid to our organization by the client will cover the following costs of the employee:

  • Salary
  • Transport Allowance
  • Employer CPF Contribution
  • Yearly Bonuses
  • Medical claims and benefits
  • Hand phone allowance

By outsourcing the Safety, Health and Environmental personal, the company burden is substantially reduced.

The company can save lot of time and energy by employing our team of SHE professionals. Our Consultancy provide a holistic solution for your Safety, Health and Environment needs.

By engaging our Acme Consulting and Services Pte Ltd, the Workplace Safety and Health challenges are taken care by our professionals. We strive to develop and enhance the Workplace Safety and Health standards of your organisation including the Environmental compliance standards